Awareness Platform

The Awareness Platform is conceived as an inclusive, conceptual "place" where project activities are presented and discussed and where proposals for the future can be formulated. This Platform is the space where, through specific tools, stakeholders and relevant actors, including local communities, have the chance to discuss future challenges and propose new ideas to policy makers.

PLAT.F.O.R.M. contributes in providing data and opinions on the identified target groups and their characteristics in relation to different contexts (rural/alpine and metropolitan areas in regions involved). Each Project Partner focused on a specific target (primary schools, high schools, universities, public administrators and local decision makers).

The Awareness Platform is a:


The virtual platform is the place where ideas, opinions and data on sustainable transport and mobility are displayed and made available for further analysis and discussion. The virtual platform is accessible through the button on the right side "Share with us your ideas!" and your opinion will be shared also beyond the duration of the project.


The physical platform shows the project results, through a sort of "fair" conceived to be modular, meaning it can be considered in its entirely or in independent, stand-alone sections: "Learning from experience", "Educating", "Decision Making", "Looking ahead to 2020". These sections follow the structure of the final PLAT.F.O.R.M. Exhibition that will take place in Salzburg on 21-22 October 2014.