Active capitalisation

The Active Capitalisation activity contribution to the project's main objectives is twofold: on one side, it analyses previous Alpine Space projects in order to actively use their results; on the other side, it provides the basis to assess public participation.


Active Capitalisation considers four specific actions:

  1. Dynamic recognition of Alpine Space 2000-2013 project results and main quality achievements
  2. Assessment of sustainability as it is dealt with in capitalised projects, including tools/indicators based on SEE (social, economic, environmental) pillars
  3. Comparative analysis of previously identified results and identification of eventual gaps related in particular to the social pillar
  4. Development of a web-based, social oriented prototype to enhance social sustainability and enlarge public participation


PLAT.F.O.R.M. Project uses the "Active Capitalisation" in order to:

  • Elaborate and test didactic tools (for students and pupils) able to communicate the importance of participating in the decision making process, its mechanisms and actors, while fostering an active European citizenship, for which transnational infrastructure represent a physical extension.
  • Elaborate training formats to address local administrators in order to highlight the benefits deriving from the inclusion of communities' feedbacks into their policies.
  • Involve academic communities and students to support local decision makers and learn to form opinions based on scientific and technical data.